Caribbean Breeze Grill Sunset

Caribbean Breeze was established in 1999 after the founder’s son Daniel was born. Daniel first words were “Titi, Titi”. The Founder thought long and hard over what he wanted to name his Restaurant and decided to dedicate it to his son Daniel and name it Titi’s Restaurant.

In 2007 Titi’s Bar and Restaurant did its grand opening, becoming one of the first restaurants that offered such a wide variety of South American food. There was, however, a large misunderstanding in the name of the restaurant, and because of that the owner decided to change the name.

By the end of 2011, the founder opted to revise the menu. The menu has been changed in order to create a more Caribbean feel to the selection. Since this would become the first Caribbean and South American menu in Denver, the founder decided to call the restaurant Caribbean Breeze.

“In dedication to my beloved son Daniel Isaac Quispe Sierra, with great honor,I dedicate this restaurant to you with lots of love”


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  1. Stopped in this past Saterday and had a wonderfull time. The food was fantastic with lots of variety on the menu, the service was perfect, and the atmosphere was very classy. We can’t wait to come back!

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