“Taste the different flavors of the Caribbean and Latin America culture without leaving the country.

Caribbean Breeze brings you the pleasure of the great Caribbean and Latin American food to Denver. At Caribbean Breeze each order is freshly prepared and made to perfection. We start to cook early to be ready for our guests. Sauces are freshly made, desserts are crafted and all of our dressings are made with special care and attention. Each order is prepared fresh daily, and no shortcuts are allowed with our food. Our greatest pleasure is to please our Guests everyday at each meal. That’s what makes us UNIQUELY different.

Chosen beverages match our food, with attention placed on full detailed customer service, which has given us the earned recognition in the Restaurant Industry. We have a wide selection of wines from the best Chilean and Argentinean vineyards, perfectly selected to complement your food choice. Our servers taste and study wine to assist guests with often unfamiliar choices. They are educated in our entire menu with all the knowledge to help you in your selection. Beer and spirits are all premium selection and we use fine glassware to enhance the quality of each product.

Looking forward to having you over, enjoy your stay at Caribbean Breeze.


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